Sunday, January 9, 2011

First purchases in the New Year...

Well Happy New Year to all... I hope the holidays were as wonderful and relaxing as mine.  So what's up for 2011?

What's everyone up to?  Are we cleaning house, moving house, or moving furniture around?  I know the start of a new year, brings the sense of rebirth, and sometime rethinking what's going on in your space.  I know my sister is progressively getting more and more organized, as she boasted to me yesterday that she just got a shoe cabinet to ring in the year, and get rid of the open shelving...  Nice start!

I think an essential item for anyone is a really great comfy chair that you can sink into, whether it's in your living room or bedroom, a wonderful upholstered chair is key.  I know everyone has different tastes, but here are a few favorites, not all terribly expensive either, but all totally comfortable, practical and sharp looking.

Jehs + Laub Lounge Chair and Ottoman from Knoll

Amos Swivel Chair from Room & Board

Tulip Chair from West Elm

Josephine Lounge Chair from J. Robert Scott

Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman from DWR

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  1. I love that swivel from Room and Board! It would look amazing in a royal purple or turquoise - swivels are so hot this year.
    -elizabeth (