Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Neutrals will always be there...

Just a really quick thing I noticed while going through a stack of approved fabrics I needed to check on stock and pricing on for 3 different clients...  They are all shades of beige, taupe and cream...  At the end of the day, the clients all still gravitate towards what they know will have the longest life span... It avoids the trends of color.  Nothing wrong with that by any means, just sort of amusing that I'm sifting through a big pile of beige...

Starting with the carpet underneath all the memo samples, working left to right:

Stark Carpet:  Malagasy-Taupe 96
Brentano:  Savanna-Sand Dune
Villa Romo:  Rosemoor-Cambourne Cinder
Christian Fischbacher:  Vilem 14210-117
Nobilis:  Vintage 8917/86
Highland Court:  Plush-Wheat
Kravet:  So Chic-Cement

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