Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Color Trends...

Fall brings on change... The weather cools down and nature's colors take on the most amazing spectrum of rich hues...

The leaves are gold, orange and brown, but also shades of crimson, violet, cerulean and charcoal are definitely present. Pantone's Fall 2012 Men's Fashion Trends Colors look like a case study in this photo of leaves I snapped.

Interiors are always influenced by fashion as we all know, but at a much slower rate... Benjamin Moore created Color Stories. "Inspired by nature, the senses, moments in time, found objects and pure imagination, each of our Benjamin Moore Color Stories has an enticing tale to tell." It's a wonderful and timeless palate of colors able to be incorporated into any environment.

Here are a few examples of these trend colors used in effortless ways... All the images found on Pinterest...

Here's to the splendor of Autumn! 

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