Monday, May 28, 2012

New Obsessions, thanks to ICFF

I know I'm completely delayed in spreading the word about what I found at this year's ICFF, but hey, you know... Life happens.

First of all, can I just say that I am NOT a regular to the show or many of these shows for that matter.  Generally I don't attend these things every year; I normally skip them for about a year or two, so that when I do go, I am feeling like I'm seeing something new! And, can I tell you, I feel like it was worth the wait!

So I just wanted to give a shout out to a few vendors which I thought just brought a great spirit to the show, and I can foresee definitely working with in the very near future... Let's start!

First off, Palo Samko was one of the first booths that made me stop... I liked his apparent love of design, and his aesthetic.

The piece that actually drew me in was this gorgeous leather lounge chair. Just the attention to detail with regards to the subtle shapes in the wood, and of course that amazing grey mink colored hide on the upholstery just beckoned to me.

Venturing further into the beast that is the International Contemporary Furniture Fair I came upon a booth with the most interesting abstract papers.

Eskayel is an all around design source with not only wallcoverings, but fabrics, rugs and more... Some of my favorite things were the ready made pillows.  From $95-155 per pillow, I think it's a wonderful source for non-traditional pillows, and ready made! Hey, you can't beat that!

Galileo Glass Pillow from Eskayel

As I weaved my way up and down the numerous aisles I turned, and stopped in my tracks when I gazed upon this!...

I seriously can't even tell you how wonderful this was! This wood wall which was really more of a wood sculpture was simple yet complex all at the same time. Peter Glassford had created a huge jigsaw puzzle of individually shaped wood and interconnected them in the most divine way. This is such a genius interpretation of a focal wall! LOVE!

I was starting to feel as if I needed another coffee, but then an array of colors and patterns called to me... It was the Trove booth... Aahhhh, it was just a heavenly collection of unexpected wall surfaces!

I am so going to be spec'ing these guys out! I'm all about these super fun and original papers!

Lastly, but not leastly is a vendor that is taking recycling and repurposing to a complete other level! Art of Board is just bad ass! Really!... Taking old skateboard decks right from donation and drop off sites, then cutting them up into various sizes, and mesh mounting them, making it ready to install as a backsplash or focal wall immediately... How awesome is that!

The best thing about this tile product is that that all the history of the individual boards are left, meaning every scratch, ding, dent and hole is left in the tile to show off the life it once lead! I'm already in the process of rocking this out on a new project! I'm psyched!

So check all these guys out, because they are all ridiculously amazing and I'm just so happy to now know about them!

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