Saturday, February 18, 2012

Taking a soak in pure luxury...

Everyone loves a good soak in their tub, but could you imagine soaking your weary muscles in any of these 3 Uh-Mazing creations!

Ocean Sailor by Bagno Sasso
Hand carved from an exotic species of wood, almost resembling a zebra, this free standing tub from Bagno Sasso is sure to wow anyone who is fortunate enough to lay in this!

Eau Soaking Tub by Stone Forest
The essentials of a Japanese soaking tub are taken to the next level by carving out a single block of Carrara marble for total indulgence brought to you from the folks at Stone Forest.

Crystal Bathtub from Baldi
A massive 10 ton block of crystal was discovered in the Amazon and from this, two huge tubs were carved by the Italian luxury house, Baldi for Harrods. One was sold off for a mere $858,763.00, but not to worry as the second is still available for a steal at $794,000.00!

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  1. The main structure of all bathtubs is made out of corian which makes the organic and dramatic forms possible.....