Friday, February 10, 2012

Rebecca Taylor Fall 2012 Recap

So today I had the exciting chance to partake in all the festivities New York has to offer for a mere week twice a year, as a contributor to the soon-to-be launched Fashion + Decor site... I attended the Rebecca Taylor show this afternoon at the tents at Lincoln Center... The crowd outside and inside the venue were just dripping with style.  These are the times that you can really appreciate all that a city like New York has to offer, especially when you're able to experience the creative magic all these amazing artists dream up.

So let's talk about what the show was all about. I know that Rebecca is known for very "pretty" feminine clothes that look great on women, which is why Sarah Jessica Parker is such a fan. This Fall 2012's showing didn't disappoint in what Rebecca's signature look is about but it was an edgier, almost a Pretty Punk look... Very wearable separates, all feminine but a strong feminine. I definitely saw a "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" subtle vibe running throughout the collection.  There were a good mix of pants, long dresses, coats, patterns and textures.  Her color palate was rather subdued, making basically all the pieces interchangeable and workable with each other.  It wasn't about singular ensembles, it was about a working wardrobe of great pieces. There was always a hint of glam even when it looked "tough"...

The hair was slightly disheveled and messy with a low fishtail braid. It was like a girl who "didn't care" but cared enough to pull her hair back with something more intricate then just a pony tail.  The accessories were very punk inspired, with all the girls rocking ear cuffs, attached to small gold chains. The bags where really not purses or handbooks, but scaled down overnight bags in gorgeous metallic finishes, again reaffirming the story of the bad girl who's a rebel and free spirit, and maybe on the run. Although, she's definitely not running from her inherent sense of being a sexy and strong woman.

Check out some of my favorite looks.

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