Thursday, October 27, 2011

Duravit is still pushing the design envelope...

Last night I had the opportunity to be a part of the unveiling of some of Duravit's newest products, and I was impressed...  That's not a statement I often toss around, but there was definitely a moment of, "This is genius"...

So surrounded by my peers in the design community we ooohhh'd and aaahhh'd over the newest bath suites rolling out in the already extensive and modern lines from this German leader in bath design.  The night ran through several new offerings, but started with one of the most memorable.

The Trapeziodal Paiova Bathtub is just a piece of luscious sculpture that beckons you into its unconventional shape.  The Monolith is an seamless tub with an integrated apron, removing the need for paneling... The ingenious engineering of the piece makes it possible to make these 90 degree angles for the apron face, unmatched, and unable to be reproduced by others.

This is an enormously generously sized tub, made to accommodate two bathers, but side-by-side as opposed to the more common face-to-face.  Integrated neck rests comfort you, while you can add on the additional air and jet systems along with soothing LED lighting effects.  Pure Bliss!

The piece de resistance was for me though the OpenSpace "fold-away" shower, freeing up additional floor space for those tight bathrooms where every last inch of space is gladly gained.  This just blew me away when we were being told about it.  

The simplicity of the idea is phenomenal, it's just baffling that this wasn't out sooner!  The "shower doors" fold back 90 degrees to the corner, giving you 2 full length mirrors, visually enlarging any bathroom, then pulling them out, they lock again producing an enclosure!  It is beyond brilliant really...  The chrome infrastructure and 8mm thick safety glass doors are on a rise and fall hinge mechanism locking the doors into either position.  The unit can be installed on either a standard floor tile or in conjuction with the Duravit's DuraPlan shower trays.  Just an amazing amazing product that will revolutionize the way people, especially in tight situations think about showering!

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