Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Died a little today while shopping for furniture...

So one of my normal days out and about at the various design buildings on the hunt for awesome and oversized chandeliers as well as transitional wood armed lounge chairs... So I'm going on, doing my thing, then out of the corner of my eye at the Dennis Miller Showroom at the New York Design Center those angels started to sing, and that beacon of light shown down from the heavens and this piece of furniture started to glow!

Okay, rarely do I really love a piece of furniture enough to consider wanting it for myself, but here's the one...  It's this simple lined, but phenomenal desk unit. 

I can't help it, but I just think it's gorgeous... Gray reclaimed wood with ceniza vinyl drawers, is just exactly where my aesthetic is at right now.  So in love, I can't stand it.  The desk is such a simple and basic shape it's the use of materials and the proportions in which they were applied that's making me swoon.  The vinyl actually looks more like felt, so it's both hard and soft looking; new and old, rough and smooth, it's the perfect ratio of each.

Who designed this "masterpiece"?  Well it is the creation of a gentleman named Sami Hayek... A familiar sounding name, well it should as his older sis is the Hollywood starlet Salma Hayek!  His collection is named Espacio, and celebrates innovation in design, but always pays homage to his Mexican roots and traditions.

There are quite a few different pieces in the collection, from rugs, to side tables to acrylic chairs...  Here are just a few example of the extensive line.  This is just a chic shelving unit made of reclaimed wood and metal.

This 96" long red lacquered credenza is just a work of art... The left hand side of it is an intricate mosaic of hand laid glass beads, which is done by Huichol artisans using methods dating from the 16th century... How amazing is that!... Breath taking really.

I'm honestly in love with the Sami's use of materials, and his determination to use his country and upbringing as a resource for inspiration and artistry.  I'm so gonna be dreaming about that desk tonight!...

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