Sunday, February 27, 2011

Outdoor weather is heading our way...

So 50 degrees isn't necessarily the standard definition of balmy, but when you've been inundated with snow, sleet and ice for almost 3 straight months, it's a warm welcome...  Knowing that shorts and tanks are shortly going to be the couture de jour, we advance our thoughts to what we will be lounging on during those sizzling days...

So here are 5 of my favorite picks for outstanding lounge chairs, not only for comfort, but high style as well...  No sense you looking all cute in your outfit, and your rocking it in a green plastic patio chair found perched for quick sale above the Mama Celeste freezer cases in Shop Rite or Safeway.  You totally know the ones I'm talking about too!

This is prime example of what NOT to do!...  Please be mindful that just because this furniture is outside, doesn't mean it should be just as beautiful as what you've created inside.  Let's get to my choices that would work with most decors.  Well at least 4 out of the 5 should fit into most...

Rusa Club Chair
DWR's introduction of their Rusa line presents us with this smart looking teak frame with natural colored webbing to support comfy cushions, perfect for kicking back with a Mojito!

Montego Chair
Room and Board gives us this simple straight forward aluminum framed chair called the Montego Chair.  The clean lines allow it to fit into any environment.

Dune Lounge Chair
The Dune Lounge Chair is a  chair that definitely brings the indoors out... This looks like a perfect lounge chair found in a contemporary space, the only difference is that friend who always manages to have one too many and undoubtedly splashes some form of alcohol over you furniture can do no harm to this piece.  The beauty of all weather furniture!

Banyan Lounge Chair
One of my favorite collections comes from the Holly Hunt showroom.  This substantial teak framed chair will only get more beautiful with time as is weathers and patinas into that steely grey color.  The Banyan Lounge Chair would only be available through a designer, but if you've got the funds, it's worth every penny!

Lolah Lounge Armchair
Okay, so not everyone could handle a piece of sculptural furniture like this, but tell me this is not gorgeous!...  Brought to us from the creative forces at Janus et Cie, also only available through the trade is the Lolah Lounge Armchair.  Talk about a conversation piece...  I can only imagine how amazing a warm summer evening a super cold Blue Moon beer and this chair would be... Aaaahhhhh...

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