Monday, February 21, 2011

Beautiful things for less than a Benjamin

Few things in the world of design come cheap, or shall we say at a reasonable price, but there are definitely a handful of wonderful items out there where you get a lot of bang for your buck...  Or in this case, here are 4 awesome picks for less than $100.00...  Check it out.

Cooled Ikat Pillow $68.00

This gorgeous pillow will add texture and color to any vanilla room...  Anthropologie is a great resource that I think most overlook.  Their bohemian chic sort of aesthetic gives any space, an instant feeling of free-spirited coziness...

Mixed Hammered Vases from $29.00-$69.00

Every room nowadays can use a bit of sparkle.  It's a very essential thing to do in order for a room to seem today, and relevant in my mind.  What's a simple way to accomplish that?  Toss in a cluster of smart metallic vases from West Elm.  The grouping of three will be over that $100.00 mark, but even a single one, with a fresh floral stem will speak volumes!

Acrylic Leaning Wine Rack only $49.95

CB2 offers this innovative way of displaying and holding your wine.  Gone are the days of the cheap wooden racks, enter the age of acrylic.  This clear material, and straight forward design will work in any environment, and become an instant conversation piece as you choose between the Pinot or the Merlot.

Metal Accordion Side Table $64.00

I'm such a HUGE fan of this table because it's totally functional, well built for it's meager price tag, and perfectly designed.  I still don't understand why it's only commanding a price tag of $64.00 from Urban Outfitters, but hey, why argue with one of the best design deals out there...

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