Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You looking at me?...

Mirrors are key elements in any successful environment!... They are not only wonderful ways of visually doubling a space, but depending on the mirror, could be gorgeous pieces of jewelry for your space... Here are some of my favorite mirrors...

One of the mirrors I've loved for years comes from BDDW, a showroom dripping in chic! I love this place, and even after so many knock offs and repros the original still makes me happy... This is the Captain's Mirror!

Next from a smaller product company Grain, this is the simple Hitch Mirror... So simple a concept, an great shaped mirror, hole cut in it to accommodate a thick piece of Manila rope... Gorgeous!

Holly Hunt is a major player in the design world, and always will be, and they have got an amazing set of Convex Mirrors perfect for an entry foyer, a dining room, a bedroom, and master suite... Okay pretty much anywhere...

Shown in the Dennis Miller showroom is Espacio by Sami Hayek, who pay tribute to the artisans of the Huichol people of Western Mexico. This is the Mestizo Mirror created by laying individual beads creating authentic Huichol patterns.

Lastly from my buddy Bobby Berk's shop Bobby Berk Home is the Frame of Love Pink Intimacy, which is just good ole fashioned fun! This will give any room and instant smile! The color alone is making me happy!


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